༇ The Weight Of Blood ❤️

Hey 👋🏾 I recently read this baby for the #LOPRReadathon and I can safely say TDJ always delivers. Firstly, you can always count on TDJ to write the hard hitting truths about what’s going on in the world. She is a beautiful storyteller, and she does it with such raw passion. TW: Racism. Colorism. Abuse….

༇ ʟօք sᥱ⍴𝗍ᥱmᑲᥱr ⚘

Mawninnn 🙂 Happy Wednesday “Hump Day” as they say. Here are my picks for sᥱ⍴𝗍ᥱmᑲᥱr. You can choose to join one or both😈The theme is Dark Academia!!! ꧁꧂ LOPBuddyRead : #TheMaryShellyClub @goldywrites(Join by leaving 🔪🔪🔪) ꧁꧂ LOPReadathon : #TheWeightOfBlood @writeinbk(Join by leaving 🩸🩸🩸) Last year we read #WhiteSmoke also by TDJ for the first readathon,…