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From the founder of Tiny Buddha, the beloved online community with more than 7 million followers, Tiny Buddha’s Inner Strength Journal offers exercises, prompts, and challenges to strengthen ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so we can feel confident in our capacity to handle even life’s hardest challenges.

Tap Into Your Creativity to Discover a Wellspring of Strength

If these challenging times have taught us anything, it’s that resilience is the key to getting through whatever life throws at us. With the Tiny Buddha’s Inner Strength Journal, you’ll chart your own path to not only surviving but also thriving in your hardest times. Using creative prompts and thoughtful exercises, this interactive journal will help you discover your strengths, manage your emotions, take good care of yourself, and feel more in control in the face of the unknown. With the simple practices found within these pages, you’ll learn to get up and get stronger when life knocks you down so you can get a lot more out of life.


❥ With Love, LOP 🙂

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