August #LOPBRSpecial 😈

➪ Did someone say #LegendBorn 😈 ❀❀❀


Remember when I said I was going to make this a thing before book 2 comes out?!🤔well, it’s time! I know a lot of you already told me you’re in!…and I believe I wrote all the names down…but just incase lol

DM or comment down below. Let’s make it fun. Emojis only⚔️

LOPBRSpecial LegendBorn (Reread)

I acknowledge that for some, this isn’t a reread. That’s totally fine. No spoilers allowed 😝

Shoutout to @josthebibliomaniac for my physical gifted copy! That girl luuuuuuuh me 🙂


❥ With Love, LOP 🙂

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