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7/19/22 | #TheWorldsWorstAssistant | @sonamov | Plume Books

From Conan O’Brien’s longtime assistant and cohost of his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, a completely hilarious and irreverent how-to guide for becoming a terrible, yet unfireable employee, spilling her trade secrets for minimizing effort while maximizing the rewards.


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PERISH by LaToya Watkins

8/23/22 | #PerishBook | @drlwatkins | Tiny Reparations Books

We’re thrilled to share the Tiny Reparations book of the season with you! From a stunning new voice comes a powerful debut novel about a Black Texan family, exploring the effects of inherited trauma and intergenerational violence as the family comes together to say goodbye to their matriarch—Helen Jean—on her deathbed. Spanning decades, Perish tracks the choices Helen makes and the ways those choices have rippled across generations, from her children to her grandchildren and beyond.


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7/5/22 | #KaleidoscopeNovel | @hellocecilywong | Dutton Books

Kaleidoscope is a novel full of the visceral, undiluted emotions that come with the explosive experiences of youth: moving to a new city, wrestling with your ambition, falling in love for the first time, getting swept up in travel, making your first big decisions as an grown up. It’s also about the fierce bond between two sisters, Riley and Morgan, and, just as Riley is starting to forge an identity for herself apart from her sister, the family secrets that were tucked away for so long come bubbling to the surface to make her question everything she thought she knew. Bright and vivid, dazzling and ever-shifting, this story has to be felt wholeheartedly.


❥ With Love, LOP 🙂

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