The Secret Lives Of Church Ladies… By Deesha Philyaw

➪ The Secret Lives Of Church Ladies ❀❀❀


❥ So glad I finally decided to read this. I’ve heard so many great things, and it definitely lived up to the hype for me! Nine short stories about Black Women, and girls figuring out who/what they want to be in life, learning through the double standards of church.

—Here are my Top 4 Stories:

➪ How To Make Love To A Physicist:

“How men chose you, and you devoted years to the relationships, but never quite felt at home in your body with them–an understanding your therapist has helped you to articulate. You didn’t tell him how you stayed until those men decided to leave you for women more at home in their bodies, more sure of themselves, prettier.”

First Read… -Feb 7, 2022-


➪ Peach Cobbler:

“In that moment, I understood how enough desire could drown you, take you all the way under.”


➪ Jael:

“And I told her about the day my mama died and how I saw it all under water. We were all under the water. My mama, my daddy, and me. We were in our house, in the bedroom, and I was in my crib. Underwater. Sweet Sadie says, how can you remember so much as a baby? I say, I don’t know how. I just do. And I saw what he did. And I tried to scream but the water filled my mouth and then everything went black.”


➪ Instructions For Married Christian Husbands:

“Note: In the event I do start to fall for you, you will know because i’ll stop responding to your text messages. This is for the best.”


❥ I fully recommend this book if you like short stories, or want to find out if you like short stories. I also recommend if you want to read about some messy church ladies. See what really happens behind closed doors. Thank you Deesha Philyaw, you wrote such a brilliant book, and it might be my favorite short stories collection of all time.

—If you’ve read this book, what was your favorite story?


❥ With Love, LOP 🙂

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