The Priory Of The Orange Tree: Review!!!


❥ Review:


I’ll start by saying, definitely one of the most incredible and action packed books I’ve ever read. The author told a beautifully written story about love, all kinds of love (romantic, friendship, sibling, self), loss, bravery, and so much more. This book mainly follows around four characters; Ead, Tanté, Loth, and Niclays. Sooner or later, all of their stories become intertwined. Each character brought a unique perspective to the story. They were all heroes in their own right. At times, I had moments of dislike and disagreements with some of the characters. I had to take a step back and realize where they were coming from, and how it must’ve truly felt to be in their situation at the time. There is also DRAGONS.

The world building was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I didn’t place any tabs for that, but whenever I reread, you can be sure to see even more.

Let’s talk about representation. #SamanthaShannon wrote such inspirational Diverse, LGBTQ+, as the main characters. It didn’t feel forced at all, and I appreciated that. #LiyahSummers a WOC, did an amazing job of narrating the audiobook. She made me fall in love with the story 10x more!

If there’s one negative criticism I have, it’s that the ending felt a bit rushed for me. I mean it 800+ pages, I know you have to wrap it up but…we could’ve had 900😬

Not going to lie, this book has been sitting on my shelf since last year. I kept pushing it back, because the size thoroughly overwhelmed me. I’m so glad I started off the year with it, feels like a huge accomplishment on my end and I’m definitely celebrating the small wins this year. This book has six parts, so I decided to read a part a day…well the last two I read in one day. My point is, you don’t have to finish it all in one sitting. That worked for me, but maybe you’ll read two parts at a time or even half. Whatever works for you, is all that matters.


❥ Quotes I Loved:

• She did not die needlessly. With her dying breath, she restored the joy of a dragon and, in doing so, restored the world. Is there a more honourable thing to do with a life?

• Love and fear do strange things to our souls. The dreams they bring, those dreams that leave us drenched in salt water and gasping for breath as if we might die — those, we call unquiet dreams. And only the scent of a rose can avert them.

• There is great risk for us all, I know. But what ruler made history by avoiding it?

• They raise us to be soft as silk, distract us with luxury and wealth beyond measure, so we never rock the boat that carries us. They expect us to be so bored by our power that we let them do the ruling in our stead. Behind every throne is a masked servant who seeks only to make a puppet of the one who sits on it.


❥ With Love, LOP❤︎

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