Happy #LOPReadathon Day 💜

❥ This would not be possible, without the help of a lovely group of women from one of my buddy read! This is LOPs first official readathon, and it’s going to be a bit different from your average readathon…

Rules: one book “White Smoke” by: @writeinbk

NO SPOILERS!!! (Y’all know I’m a big advocate for that!)


❥ Readathon Checklist:

• Wine/Beverage🍷
• Cozy Blanket🥰 (I can’t believe there’s no blanket emoji)
• Snacks ON Snacks ON Snacks🍪
• Spooky Background Music🎵👻
• Candles🕯


❥ Picture Details: (checking off my checklist)

• Wine – Bartenura, my favorite…and some green tea. Don’t forget H2O. Stay hydrated fam.
• Cozy Blanket – super soft and feels like a warm hug.
• Snacks ON Snacks ON Snacks – of course I got some OREOS🗣(oat milk not in photo, but obviously implied)
• Spooky Background Music – found this lofi playlist on Spotify. Tag the person if you know them 🙂
• Candles – two candles I’ve been using a lot lately. I can’t ever pick between the two, so I burn them both 🤣😅


❥ Reading Sprints:

• Friday: 30 min at 8pm est on zoom
• Saturday: 30 min at 12pm est on zoom
Anyone is welcomed! Dm to be invited to the IG chat. Zoom Link will be provided in the chat 🙂



Slide into my comments/dms if you want to join. Thank you💜💜💜

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